Monday, January 16, 2017

Often sites and associations (like LinkedIn) see folks asking to be part of our networks with nothing more than a note ("Hi, I'd like to be part of your network") and no basis for the association. I personally don't connect my LI network to anyone I have not personally met or with whom I have not corresponded. I send a short reply to requests and, 9 times /10, I don't get an answer.

Hi XXX, Please excuse me; I meet over 100+ new folks a month and sometimes I have trouble remembering folks. Have we met? I was flattered to be invited to your network; I make sure I know every individual personally with whom I connect. If we haven't met "officially", then perhaps we can find time to have a chat/email or two first and figure out how we might connect beyond an LI list? with respect dennie

I'm not sure this is the only way to respond; I'm wondering if anyone has an even better approach? 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Any resolutions?

It’s the new year and I’m trying to make a resolution around change. Do you have any recommendations as to how I could better myself?


Dear Naked,
You’re already perfect, Naked; it’s the world that’s rough around the edges. Here’s my resolutions for 2017; I hope they help!

1 – Be kind to those who still believe change is the exception and that one day everything will revert to “normal”.

2 – In the ongoing saga of work/life integration, I will simply remind people there are no silver bullets, only choices, and cheer everyone up by singing something from “Annie”.

3 – When the glass looks half empty, I will pour what we have into a smaller glass. 

4 – I will not give into the urge to panic that my career should be at "x" point already.

5 – I will cut my food into smaller pieces and chew more slowly. This can also be called "chunking projects".

6 – I will strive for genius as per the words of  Churchill "True genius resides in the capacity for the evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information."

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Best of the season!

Would you agree that at least the holidays are a place where we should not worry about change?

Home and Hopeful for the Holidays

Dear Ho-Ho-Ho
Wishful thinking!  I assume you aren’t talking about the spare change to drop in the charity bucket or the need to rethink using tinsel once the cat shows you a sparkly tail?

Ho Ho Ho, change will happen; it’s the scale of change that may fluctuate. We probably won’t get a brand new assignment or see projects go “red” over the last two weeks of December. We will change our socks, cut back on working hours, and make some extra phone calls to family. Our days will be structured around different priorities even if our celebrations differ. Change is “relative” – especially over the holidays…

Take some joy in unexpected pleasures between now and New Year’s.  Re-evaluate routines to bring into 2017. Add some extra quiet time; take away some stress. Help others to do some of the same. Sometimes change is simply a different routine for a short while.

Best until 2017