Monday, June 12, 2017

Say "Yes" for a day

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Here's a way to twist your brain.

Try to go one whole day without saying "no". Try not to start a sentence with no. Try to not interrupt someone by saying no. Try not to say no when you mean and or but or hang on.

Try to consciously say "yes" instead.  "Yes and..."  "Yes if what you mean is..." "Yes, I will think about that." 

But if you can't manage not saying no - then see if you can spend the day agreeing with the ideas and opinions presented and build on them instead of pointing out the holes (shore them up instead of tearing them down), you'll find a lot more folks saying yes to you well past the day spent in a no zone!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Studies (and rumours) have shown that mentoring and networking is tied to competency & success. However, no one ever talks about the fact that mentoring isn't easy.

Mentoring poses a few problems:

1 - it’s hard to mentor. It’s hard to put a process (thought, procedure or administrative) to how you got somewhere or achieved something. It’s much harder if you’ve ever tried to repeat a specific success. And even harder when you understand how much personal style plays a factor.

2 - it’s hard to be mentored. It’s easy to get advice but much harder to take it. 

3 - most importantly - mentoring isn’t a guarantee of success. It’s not a magic pill or a silver bullet

However, it is also true that you will be more successful if you add mentoring. No one ever says "mentoring held me back!"

Monday, May 29, 2017

Some "do not do" thoughts

So here’s a few “do not do” thoughts for today:

  1. Don’t seek advice unless you actually want it. 
  2. Don’t seek advice because someone else tells you you need it unless you believe that to be true.
  3. Don’t seek advice unless you’re prepared to try it.
  4. Don’t seek advice only from those who will tell you what you want to hear.
  5. Don’t seek advice for areas that don’t truly hold your interest or from people you do not respect.
  6. Don't offer advice unless unless someone wants it.
  7. Don't offer advice you are not prepared to try yourself.
  8. Don't offer advice unless you are willing to help with the implementation.

Sometimes it's okay to just take advice from yourself. :-)