Monday, May 22, 2017

Be Remembered

How do you wish to be remembered? I don’t mean when you’re dead – but after you’ve left the room? 

First, don’t confuse remembered with memorable. You don’t have to stand out and shine every time. Memorable might best be saved for speaking engagements, great nights out and a great shoe score. 

Being remembered can be that 
• your name is kept in mind
• your idea was considered
• your personality was noted
• your offer was mulled over

Being remembered simply means you made a sincere emotional connection with someone. It doesn’t have to be life altering. Perhaps you made them smile. Perhaps you offered sincere comments or made eye contact. Maybe you just listened with all your attention.

Part of your impression comes in your introduction, some in how you participate in conversation and some in your follow up to a meeting or coffee. You have three clear opportunities to be remembered. Plan for them. Make the most of them. Like any good habit - prepare and do it regularly.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Success to me is...

Success is not measured by how many hours you put in or how many projects went in under your watch. It is measured by the legacy you leave which has rippled outward and the value you provided along the way through both your influence, relationships and achievements. 

Aim high. Build communities. Expect participation. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Simple language = Clear thoughts

Stories do not always need long introductions.
Ideas do not always require adverbs and adjectives to get buy-in.
Longer explanations should come after the listener has requested more detail.

While studies show that listening skills are some of the most valued in business, many do not make it easy on the listener.

Can you state your main message - the one thing your audience must know - in one sentence?

It takes practice.
It is similar to the thesis statement we hated writing in grade 10 English class.
It is the sizzle - the heart - of capturing attention in a business world.

Say your idea/message simply to show your thinking as crisp and precise.